Astra Communication Solutions is made up of a team of dedicated wireless communication specialists, who have utilised their industry experience to develop simplified solutions for extremely complex communication problems. With an aggregate expertise of 207+ years industry experience, AstraComms  can deliver communications projects in the harshest of conditions, and many times when the existing infrastructure is unable to be supported via standard industry communications networks.

Underpinning our distinguished solutions are our suppliers, including L3Harris, Hypha, Savox, and Samlex Power.  As stand-alone suppliers, these quality offerings are second to none. The power of Astra Communication Solutions is how we integrate these stand-alone solutions to undertake complex communications projects that you can count on in critical moments.

Astra Communication Solutions is based out of Brisbane, Australia, however all our solutions can be implemented anywhere around the world.  From small beginnings, Astra Communication Solutions, reinforced by its leading comms suppliers, is well positioned to disrupt the market place with unique and innovative comms solutions that change the landscape of how the world approaches communications infrastructure, public safety, and human risk both in commercial & civil environments.

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