Astra Communication Solutions is your source for industrial power conversion products, and our choice of supplier for dependable power supplies is Samlex. Founded in 1991, Samlex specialises in manufacturing innovative power conversion products globally. Samlex manufacture a wide selection of DC-AC inverters, inverter/chargers, battery chargers, converters, power supplies, solar charging kits and solar accessories. Their products are certified to industry standards and are field proven for exceptional performance under the most extreme conditions.

Sectors, such as defence, rely heavily on power supplies for both offensive and defensive operations. And even some military weapons require power supplies for both testing purposes and in field deployment.

Apart from defence, there are numerous industries that require stand alone power supplies. Reliable off-grid power systems are fundamental to ensure the consistent flow of mining & construction projects in remote areas, and equipment is used to monitor and control in field assets, ranging in field equipment,  onsite lighting and security systems, all of which require reliable power supplies to operate.


The provision of uninterrupted power generation is critical to remote operations, and Astra Communication Solutions is proud to provide Samlex power supplies as part of their portfolio of critical communication service offerings. Astra Communication Solutions has high standards around our suppliers, and we trust Samlex in their provision of safe, reliable power when it is needed most.

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