Two-Way Radio Solutions

Two-way radios underpin all comms solutions, and in critical moments when every second counts, clear communication is imperative. Astra Communication Solutions provides a consultative approach to every communications project undertaken, and at the core of these solutions are quality two-way radio devices packed with technology and features that you shouldn’t be without.

Our Radio Subscribers work in orchestra with our other offerings, making sure that our clients safety is paramount. Our mission critical two-way radios and equipment are ongoing dependencies for front line workers such as first responders, and those working in the public safety arena. Astra Communication Solutions prides itself on implementing critical comms projects that can be relied on every time. These technologies are also available to commercial sectors including Mining, Government (Local & Agencies), & Transport. For more information on our two-way radio solutions, please contact us today.

Network, Mesh, Satellite Communications

Not your average Mesh networks, we offer a portable (even wearable) IP transparent network, based on the COFDM waveform that can operate alone or integrate back to a central core, wider network or the internet.   Connectivity and coverage are extended for Wi-Fi enabled devices, Cameras, Radio Terminals, Laptops, Sensors and Mobile Phones so that high data throughput is available anywhere.  No network, no LTE, no problem when you can leverage our satellite connectivity seamlessly.

Astra Communication Solutions understands that many comms projects are extraordinary, and the mesh solution allows us to harness this innovative technology to provide solutions when existing infrastructure is either unreliable or non-existent.  Astra Communications can show you how to go to the edge and beyond of other networks. For more information on our range of services, please contact us today. 

AC-DC Power Supplies, Inverters, Chargers, Voltage Converters

We all depend on Communication Systems and those who operate them. Protecting your assets, both people and equipment is dependant upon reliable communication 24/7.  When downtime is not an option, then this is where a reliable power source becomes superbly valuable to your organisation.  We provide power solutions from Radio Power Supplies to Battery Eliminators, Wave Inverters and Samlex backup batteries, Inverters, Step-down Isolators and power supplies.

Astra Communication Solutions understands that the comms industry is recondite in nature, and we work with our clients to simplify extremely complex issues. Part of this service offering is making sure that we have competent suppliers to assist our clients with the industry complexities, and we are proud to partner with Samlex around communications power supplies. Whether you need to power a base station, upfit a mobile command centre, or provide a complete comm-shack power backup system with trailer or skid, Astra Communication Solutions will take charge of your comms project. For more information on our power supply options, please contact us today.