Astra Communications provides a unique service offering, combining the power of our key suppliers, integrating their two way radio technology into a compelling application for high level comms projects. The suppliers that we have brought into the fold to deliver our comms technology are L3Harris, Hypha, Savox, and Samlex.

When it comes to the power of two-way radio, these applications can be utilised for industries such as Government, Emergency services. defence, Public Safety, Transport and Mining. These industries require state of the art technology, and our two-way radio technology, underpinned by cutting edge innovation from L3Harris & Hypha, allows us to bring two-way comms solutions to critical comms applications where infrastructure is either limited or non-existent.

When a crisis occurs, the capacity for first responders to speak with colleagues on a solid, secure network is significant.  One of our suppliers, L3Harris have extended their P25 portfolio to incorporate a scope of capacities, providing more ways of keeping critical industries connected.

The L3Harris P25 range of solutions gives you more connectivity options. Astra Communication Solutions are committed  to building strong collaborations with public safety agencies worldwide, and the L3Harris two way radio options allows us to realise this ambition.

In fact, the L3Harris mission is to develop the most innovative P25 solutions available, and they pride themselves on attention to detail. Built for top performance in harsh environments, L3Harris Australia provide a compact, lightweight solution, which is ergonomically designed for gloved-hand operation, critical for industries such as emergency services and mining.  

These powerful offerings from L3Harris are reason for Astra Communication Solution to bring the L3Harris products to specific markets around the world. For further information on our two way radio options, contact Astra Communication Solutions today.