AC-DC Power Supplies, Inverters, Chargers, Voltage Converters

Samlex was founded in 1991 and are global manufacturers pf power conversion products. Born out of a garage in Earl Berg, Samlex now have market coverage in over 90 countries, and manufacturing facilities in Canada, US, Netherlands, Taiwan, and China.


Starting out, Samlex built power products for the commercial and industrial markets, manufacturing a small line of power inverters, and soon after expanding to converters, battery chargers and power supplies for the telecommunications industry.  


Samlex now serves a wide range of commercial industries, including Public Safety, Government, Work Trucks, Wireless Communications, Two-Way Radio, Oil and Gas camps, Medical Cart, Warehouses, Commercial Marine, RV and many other custom applications.

As a recognised household brand in the field of power conversion products, Samlex continuously exceeds customers’ expectations through both their technical support & impressive innovation.

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