Traditional two-way radio signals follow a straight line, and using the line of site framework, any position that cannot see the antenna tower cannot receive the signal.  Incorrectly balanced networks can suffer from radio’s being able to receive signal but not powerful enough to send signal back.  Satellite technology allow radio communications to travel reliably around the Earth.

The communications technology industry is forever expanding & innovating, and amongst the accumulating technological advances being employed globally, there are some underlying simple truths around communication that will never shift. The need for clear & reliable communication has been the goal since Bell’s telephone patent in 1876, and using a bed analogy, the technical aspects around mattresses may have innovated, however the need for sleep has not. So to, it is a core need for humans to communicate and the recent innovations in communications technology, more specifically, two-way radios, is now venturing into territory most never thought achievable. This is where satellite radio has proven to be intrinsic for communication in remote areas.

Two-way radios have largely been dependent on fixed infrastructure, making it, at times, unreliable or non-existent in barren, desolate areas, and harsh terrain. For many, such as Search and Rescue, Regional Public Safety, Government Departments and Defence, a loss in communication, especially in times of crisis, can cost lives.  Matters become worse when infrastructure is damaged or destroyed through natural disaster, accidental and intentional damage.  Rest assured there are ways to mitigate this.

Astra Communication Solutions is leading the charge when it comes to critical communications, with and without infrastructure. Their solutions are underpinned by two key suppliers, L3Harris, and Hypha, which combine uniquely to change the way we manage communications in crisis situations.  Technology is so advanced that both individuals and in field assets such as vehicles can all become part of an instantly deployable network connecting voice and data almost anywhere.

To put a fine point on it, Astra Communication Solutions offers voice and data where you want it. For further information, contact Astra Communication Solutions today.