Hypha delivers cutting edge communication solutions for mission critical environments, such as first responders, emergency services, public safety, and enterprise organisations.  When faced with a precarious situation, your communications tools can sometimes mean the difference between life & death.  And it is precisely due to this that you need safe & effective performance in the field.

‘ Reliable connectivity by extending coverage to the edge of current networks – and beyond.’

Hypha’s uniqueness lies in their ability to design & develop their own innovative communications tools, and then integrate these with their existing product range to build a dominant presence in the mission critical communications industry.  Moreover, their agility around the aggregation of different technologies allows a bespoke approach when meeting a wide variety of both client & industry centric solutions.

Introducing the HyphaCAP

Key to the solution is the HyphaCAP, a lightweight, portable device that combines COFDM mesh and Wi-Fi technologies to enable users to connect smart devices, sensors and cameras in environments that defeat radio and cellular communications.  Combine with other networks and satellite for connectivity almost anywhere.

Introducing the HyphaMESH REX Kit.

A compact, deployable solution designed for emergency responders to create a pop-up mesh network and extend coverage for Wi-Fi enabled devices to the edge of current networks – and beyond.

Take your network where you need it:

  • Enable critical communications in areas with limited or no coverage: rural, mountain/canyons, forests, over water, in-buildings, tunnels, or in disasters/communications outage scenarios.
  • Designed for rapid, flexible deployment by emergency responders: easy for one person to launch the network in minutes – plug in power, switch on, connect devices and go.
  • Each mesh node creates a Wi-Fi bubble to connect Wi-Fi enabled devices like smart phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, UAVs, sensors, and even LMR radios.
  • Continue to send and receive data, and access the applications and software you rely on, in areas with limited to no connectivity today.

For further information on our range of Hypha solutions, contact Astra Communication Solutions today.

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