AstraComms Joins Facilities Management Association –  Enhancing Dependable Radio Comms for Larger Scale Projects

AstraComms is delighted to announce its official membership with the Facilities Management Association of Australia. This strategic move marks an exciting milestone for AstraComms and underscores its unwavering commitment to delivering  radio communications for larger scale projects.

The decision to join  the Facilities Management Association is a testament to AstraComms’ dedication to excellence and innovation. With this membership, AstraComms positions itself as a key player in providing robust radio communication solutions, catering specifically to the unique demands of larger scale projects across the defence, public safety, emergency services, and mining sectors.

Bridging the Gap for Larger Scale Projects

Larger scale projects require communication systems that are not just reliable, however also agile and adaptable to dynamic environments. This is where AstraComms steps in with its cutting-edge solutions with suppliers such as L3Harris, Savox, Hypha, and Samlex. By joining the Facilities Management Association, AstraComms gains access to a wealth of insights and best practices that are invaluable for refining its offerings to meet the complex demands of the facilities management industry.

AstraComms aims to further solidify their foothold within the facilities management industry, bringing innovative technology to key projects where reliable communication devices are critical. The Facilities Management Association serves as a hub of knowledge and expertise in the facilities management sector. AstraComms’ membership with this esteemed organisation allows it to contribute its technological prowess and innovation to empower facilities managers with the tools they need to deploy innovative critical comms solutions.

AstraComms sees this membership as a catalyst for progress, enabling AstraComms to spearhead the transformation of radio communication systems, while fortifying the success of larger scale projects in an increasingly interconnected world. For further information on our FMA membership click here.