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AstraComms Joins Facilities Management Association –  Enhancing Dependable Radio Comms for Larger Scale Projects

AstraComms is delighted to announce its official membership with the Facilities Management Association of Australia. This strategic move marks an exciting milestone for AstraComms and underscores its unwavering commitment to delivering  radio communications for larger scale projects. The decision to join  the Facilities Management Association is a testament to AstraComms’ dedication to excellence and innovation. […]

The advantages of rapid deployment in creating coverage where none exists

HyphaMESH Rex Kit AstraComms

The HyphaMESH Range Extension (REX) Kit is a wireless mesh network solution. A compact, deployable solution designed for emergency responders to create a pop-up mesh network and extend coverage for Wi-Fi enabled devices to the edge of current networks – and beyond. This kit can provide reliable broadband communications for emergency responders in areas where […]

10 things to consider when buying a two-way for Public Safety.


Buying a two-way radio for public safety use is a serious investment. 10 things to consider when buying a two-way for Public Safety. Range: Range is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a two-way radio. This determines the maximum distance that you can communicate with others. When evaluating the range of a two-way radio, […]