Wildland Fire Agencies in Los Angeles Area Test HyphaMESH in Coverage Dead Spots

Testing and Evaluation Highlights

Challenge –The mountains and dense forests surrounding Los Angeles, CA make for unreliable cellular and radio connectivity for emergency responders. With limited ability to access or share real-time information, wildland fire response operations can become confusing and inefficient, increasing the risk of loss of life and property.

Solution –HyphaMESH creates a secure and dedicated public safety wireless network to extend coverage or establish an independent local network. The versatile HyphaMESH product line was well equipped to connect firefighters in mountains and dense forests where LTE and LMR don’t reach.


The team went into the Santa Monica mountains at the south end of Ventura County and up into Yerba Buena Canyon. This canyon routinely causes communications problems for emergency responders –in fact, this area is always mentioned in agency discussions about communications gaps and needs. It is the site of the 2018 Woolsey Fire that burned 96,949 acres of land and destroyed 1,643 structures, killed three people, and prompted the evacuation of almost 300,000 people.


Simulating typical operations, two HyphaNODEs were staged in strategic observation and communication locations identified in Standard Operating Guidelines (SOGs) at Yerba Buena and Sepulveda Canyons. From there, the first responders spread out, creating a pop-up mesh network 1.4 miles down the canyon with portable HyphaCAPs providing Wi-Fi access to their smartphones.


Extended wireless internet access for Wi-Fi enabled devices

HyphaMESH provided wireless internet access deep into both Yerba Buena and Sepulveda Canyons, the first time either location had LTE connectivity –important because this is a difficult area for VHF coverage.