The advantages of rapid deployment in creating coverage where none exists

HyphaMESH Rex Kit AstraComms

The HyphaMESH Range Extension (REX) Kit is a wireless mesh network solution. A compact, deployable solution designed for emergency responders to create a pop-up mesh network and extend coverage for Wi-Fi enabled devices to the edge of current networks – and beyond. This kit can provide reliable broadband communications for emergency responders in areas where network coverage is limited, down, or non-existent. The kit utilises a set of small, ruggedised devices known as nodes that can be quickly deployed to establish a self-configuring, self-healing mesh network. This network allows for data to be transmitted across long distances, even if some nodes fail or are offline.

The HyphaMESH REX Kit is user-friendly and is operable through a web-based interface or a mobile app. It is particularly beneficial for establishing coverage in challenging environments, such as remote or rural areas, disaster zones, or locations where traditional infrastructure is not available or feasible.

Create your own Wi-Fi bubble with each HyphaMESH device.  First responders can reliably use their Wi-Fi enabled devices, software, and applications miles into response areas with little or no coverage or degraded networks.

The REX kit provides first responders with reliable, secure coverage extension with a quick and simple set up. The mesh network can also link upto the internet or used as an independent network.

Take your network where you need it

With HyphaMESH, you can enable critical communications in rural areas where there is little or no coverage. 

Designed for rapid and flexible deployment by emergency responders, HyphaMESH is easily launched by one person in minutes. Just plug in the power, switch on, connect devices, and you’re connected!

Enable critical communications in areas with limited or no coverage: rural, mountain/canyons, forests, over water, in-buildings, tunnels, or in disasters/communications outage scenarios.  Designed for rapid, flexible deployment by emergency responders: easy for one person to launch the network in minutes – plug in power, switch on, connect devices, and go. 

The HyphaMESH REX Kit comprises: 

• 3 x HyphaMESH CAP portable mesh nodes 
• 1 x HyphaMESH MAP fixed mesh node
• 1 x High performance 6dBi antenna set with magnetic mounts
• 1 x Cradlepoint cellular router
• Connections for external power and communications links, such as satellite
• Comes in a rugged wheeled carry case

Check out this video to see what is included in your HyphaMESH REX Kit>

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